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Water Transfer Pump and Table Centralizer

Why it's Critical & It's not Just the Time!

Pulling your rig out for water is very timely and costly. Getting your water from a quarry water truck can be costly as well since most of the time they get their water from the pit. This allows dirt and sand to contaminate your system by pitting not only the face of the piston but the top of the bit as well, resulting in premature cracks and fractures reducing the life of your hammer.

To run with clean water, which you should, you need a plastic tank on your rig and on your pick-up, so you can clean them out when needed. A steel tank will eventually rust and scale which will also contaminate your system.

While in business, we built this transfer pump to save ourselves money in the long run. This transfer pump runs on air and is a high quality pump. It will transfer 14 to 17 gallons per minute pumping up to 75-100 gallons of water in only a few minutes.

Traveling and Table Centralizers

Are You Properly Aligned? 

When you are drilling, is the drill steel scrubbing on your table or are you constantly cracking pins on your rods? Perhaps your centralizers are worn out. The centralizer keeps everything aligned when drilling, making it the most important part of the table. It keeps the hammer and rod straight in the hole resulting in less wear and tear on rods and hammer.

The hammer goes through the large centralizer and the traveling centralizer follows the hammer through the hole of large centralizer shimming up the gap between the two. This means straight holes, less wear on pins and boxes on the drill steel as well as on the spindle on the head.

When collaring a blast hole in loose rock, it is essential that the centralizer is in good shape or it could cause the bit to ‘walk’ in the hole, crowding the rod on the table. This can make it difficult in making connections.

We can replace either/or both of your centralizers. Let us know the ID of your table for the large centralizer and the OD of your drill steel for the traveling centralizer.

For further information on replacement and/or cost of your centralizers, please use the Contact Us information provided on this website.

Water Transfer Pump

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