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About Us

As a Drilling Contractor

You are keenly aware of the need to cut costs and to increase profits in today's ever changing world economy.

Are you tired of losing money and tools down the hole every time you’re stuck?
Are you tired of the wear and tear on your tools and equipment?
Are you tired of hours of lost production?

These were some of the same questions David Ware, owner of Ware Drilling Inc. asked himself during his 31 years spent in both oil field drilling and blast hole production drilling. Utilizing his knowledge of the two types of drilling, he invented and then placed a patent on the Extractor, a down-hole tool designed to cut to the right backing your tools up out of the hole when you’ve been stuck due to broken rocks or rocks falling back into the hole.

Our History

Ware Drilling Inc. (WDI) was founded in 1994 as a blast hole production company and for 17 years operated in both Georgia and South Carolina. While in South Carolina, the company spent 19 months working on the Saluda Dam project on Lake Murray in Lexington.

At the height of drilling operations, WDI had 8 IRT-4 blast hole drills and 3 IRECM350s with 16 employees. Due to the ever changing economy, the company began downsizing in 2008 and concluded blast hole production operations in May 2011, choosing to retain the company name to promote the patented Extractor. 

Five years later in 2016, Ware Drilling was approached about once again re-entering the blast-hole production business.  Currently, WDI has 3 drills... 2 Atlas Copco D-60s and 1 IRT-4 blast-hole drill providing blast hole production services with Vulcan Materials and Anderson Columbia.  



Our Future

In addition to our drilling operations, Ware Drilling Inc. continues to promote the use of the Extractor; we offer drill bit sharpening services for others, and offer to rebuild your "worn out" chucks and backheads, debunking the common belief that these items are “throw-away items”.

Why throw away good money constantly buying new ones? Let us sharpen your bits and rebuild your worn out chucks and backheads. Ware Drilling has been rebuilding their own worn out chucks and backheads for at least 10 years, saving countless dollars buying new ones every time the stock became worn out. Let us show you how to save money with our bit sharpening and rebuild services!  Contact us today! 

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