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The Tornado Extractor


          ... don't go down the hole without me!




5", 10" & 12" Extractors


Today, more than ever, there is a need to save time, effort and money when it comes to the drilling of production holes. No matter how good the driller, eventually due to his bad judgment or the conditions of the shot, he WILL get hung in the hole. That’s when the Extractor becomes his life-line to freedom and greater production.

What it is…

The Extractor is a revolutionary new and patented downhole tool designed to cut you out of the hole in the event you get stuck in the hole. It attaches to your backhead.

What it does…

The Extractor is designed to cut your steel back out of a hole when the collar collapses or rocks fall into the hole. The teeth are designed to turn to the right so there is no need to reverse, which eliminates loss of tools in the hole.

What it means to you…

Less downtime
Increased production in shot rock or seams
Cheapest insurance you can buy
Less strain on the drilling rig
Less effort to get free when hung up
Less wear and tear on equipment
Eliminates loss of tools downhole
Time is money
At today’s prices…don’t go down the hole without it!

The Extractor

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