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Services — Chucks and Backheads

Contrary to a common belief, Chucks & Backheads
ARE NOT throw-away items!

Generating savings is a vital part of any drilling business, especially in today’s economy. The rebuilding of our own chucks and backheads over a 10 year period proved to be a huge savings in replacement costs.


We’ve rebuilt chucks for drilling contractors in Georgia, North Carolina and South Carolina. Feedback from these contractors reveals their claim that the rebuilt chucks last longer than the brand new ones.

Instead of welding with a stick welder, using 7018 rods and then applying 2 hard bands, we use a wire welder using a hard wire that provides a consistent weld and applies a total hard band to the item.


We will provide a rebuild service for your used backheads.

Please contact us for more information to fit your particular needs.

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  6" Rebuilt Chuck  
   6" Rebuilt Backhead      


 (Additional sizes and prices available as needed. Call for more information)

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